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Thick Eyeliner

Intensive Advanced Makeup Course



All about complexion

-Skin preparation

-Color correcting

-How to apply foundation and concealer

-How to contour

-Baking technique



Perfecting Eyebrows

and Eyeliner

-2 eyebrow styles 

-Mapping eyebrows and carving the eyebrows

-Eyeliner techniques


Eyeshadow 2.png


and Glitter

-Understanding eyeshadow 

-3 different looks (smokey, glitter glam and halo)


Cut crease.png

Cut crease

-2 techniques (Half cut crease and full length cut crease)




-Trendy bridal makeup look

-Body makeup and contouring for brides 

-Long lasting makeup techniques for brides

Marble Surface


Price: $1,450
Deposits: $450
Remaining balance: $500 at the day of your 3rd lesson and the rest at the last lesson.
Gift Box: You will receive a gift box filled with products and tools for your future use.

Length of the program: This is a one lesson per week program which totals to about one month. Each lesson is 4hr to 5hrs long. At the end of each lesson, you will be given homework to be done at home for practice. You will need to send pictures and videos of your work. 
What to bring: You will be given a set of brushes and other tools for you to use and practice at home. You must bring this set of brushes and tools for each class. Make sure that they are clean and disinfected and ready to use.
Model: You are responsible for getting your own model to work on for every lesson. Please make sure the model has good eyes to work with.
Scheduling: Dates and availability varies to accommodate the student's schedule.
Disclaimer: A certificate of completion will be given to you at the end of this course. However, this certificate (or any other) does not qualify you to legally perform makeup on the state of Pennsylvania. Please keep in mind that you will need to go to school and acquire an esthetician or cosmetology license in order to legally start charging your clients for your services. This program is ONLY made for those who would like extended training on their skills and perfect their craft. 

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