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Image by Allec Gomes

I've always defined myself as being very creative and color driven. Most of my work is full of vibrant colors like pinks, blues, purples and yellows. I just love to have fun with makeup and let my imagination run wild. However, there is also this other simple and subtle part of me that loves a good classic smokey eye; soft nude lips and just a small touch of shine on the cheeks. 

One of the things that fills my heart the most is knowing that I have done a job well done and my clients are happy with what they see. Before and afters have to be my favorite part of my job. I just can't get enough of the huge transformation a person can give with just a simple makeup application. 

I always get so excited for weddings. All my clients are very special to me, but my brides are just on another level. Wedding day is one of the most important and unforgettable day of their lives and I love to given them extra TLC to make them look the best they can be on their day. 

Favorite Client Looks
I always say, everyone is different. All my clients are unique in their own way and they always come to me with different ideas and requests. My goal is always to meet their every need and exceed their expectations. Here are some of my favorite looks on my beautiful clients.